This way or that…

31 12 2009

Decisions decisions decisions. This project has been bubbling away for some months now, we are clear about why we want to do it (to raise money and awareness of HIV / AIDS), as clear as anyone can be about wanting to cycle 10,000 km’s! clear about the start point (our house in England) and the end point (my sisters house in Thailand), but the exact route has been a constant refiddle after refiddle.. will it be too hot,  too cold,  too volatile, too Political or  have too many ticks (my BIGGEST fear) … and so it has bubbled on. Iran is looking like it’s going to be just too Political this year after the death of the well known reformist cleric Grand Ayatollah Montazeri and Turkey is going to be very hot in August … so maybe down through Kiev into Russia and across the Stans.  Will keep you posted!



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