Kit – to laptop or not to laptop!

7 01 2010

Wheel, we’ve started to scout out bikes, bags, saddles, med kits etc etc etc (more about all that later) but one of our biggest quandaries is what electrical kit to take. We have been looking at the little Flip’s that are light (every gram saved will be a blessing in the Himalayas!) and small (we are aiming for only two back panniers and a handle bar bag each…. possible??), but it can’t focus and only stores about an hours worth of footage. So now we are looking at hard storage digital cameras – we have seen some that are pretty mini ones that store quite a lot of good quality footage (maybe the Samsung C10 SD camcorder for example) – swell! …. Now all we have to do is slush our way through a PC soup of info to make the actual final choice!

The next big decision is to lap top it or not.  If we have a PC we can blog more easily (or prep for the blog while we are off web radar) and thus be able to save money and time whenever we reach an internet cafe, we can also use it to edit our VOICES footage. But on the other hand it is extra weight, and something extra to lose or get stolen and we could probably manage by using just the internet cafes. …. .. Maybe if we found something small enough that was still usable (e.g. – big enough hard drive etc) AND under 1kg if possible. It’s all too easy to be seduced into forgetting that all those little gram shavings really will add up when being trailed over 10,000 KM and up some stormingly massive hills.



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