By Bike… are you mad??!?!

21 02 2010

We are aiming to get to Thailand MOSTLY by bike (at certain points we’ll have to get a train in order to meet certain deadlines). Why though? Surely it is easier to MOSTLY go by train, or car, or bus or plane … why bike?

Well … here are our reasons .. such as they are…

1.  Travelling overland is the most environmentally sound way to travel. Key to this whole project is our individual responsibilities to make right and sound choices in our lives. This may not be the easiest way to travel 10,000 km’s but it certainly is the right choice for the health of our planet. The easy choices aren’t always right ones.

2. If you jet set from place to place you loose connection with the places you visit, you set yourself apart, for us, this project is all about connection. (And believe me that is no easy challenge for me.. I’m more of a head-down-don’t-make-eye-contact-Londoner type than a sit-in-a-cafe-for-hours-chatting-blurb-to-anyone sort… it’s time to change!)

3. This project is about posing questions and the process of searching for answers by opening communication.  We believe that there is no one destination, there is no one right answer, it’s all about the journey.

4. The project will visit a wide range of young people as it winds it’s way across the planet, but it also wants to be open to chance encounters; the young people who are sitting in a cafe, or walking down a road. Travelling by bike opens lines of communication that other forms of travel are too fast or too isolating to allow.

5. It’s fun! …..(or so Liz would have us believe!)



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