13 03 2010

About 3 weeks ago I took the plunge and ordered a Condor touring bike! For a while now I’ve been mulling over whether to stick with my hybrid or go for broke and get a new ‘something else’. In the end I felt that my hybrid was not really up to the rigours of our trip and I was worrying about it being an aluminium frame. Though slightly heavier, steel frames are easier to fix on the road than aluminium ones. Basically if your aluminium frame goes you’re looking at having to get a whole new bike!

Condor bikes are a popular touring choice as they are renowned for having really super components, being built to fit and generally looking really snappy (well mine does anyway!). I caught the tail end of the January sales and managed to get a cut price frame. After a rigorous 2 hour fitting and much handle bar mass debating I put in the order. It feels a bit odd not having seen the bike before committing to it but … fingers crossed.

Today I picked her up! She is a RED bike! Shinny shinny red bike! – if you want a component break down here it is….. RED! 🙂 – will post better info bits later.

Condor RED bike!



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