Hot, wet, and freezing! TRAINING begins….

20 03 2010

My new RED condor had its first outing today. A 35k circular route from Woldingham to Woldingham (No 1 on Goldeneye Sussex South Surrey cycling map). Super for training with plenty of undulations, lots of steep downs (get off the breaks Catherine!) and one thigh busting brut of a hill at the end.

BIG rain today. We were thoroughly sodden within mins of setting off – but felt all the more adventurous and brave for it.

Notes on the Condor: Bike works! I was in the lead the whole way. Well, until the ‘brut’, when Liz’s mega thighs whupt my little twigs, hurrah for generally much improved speed though. The seat, however, was mighty familiar and may need to be assessed….. ahem…..and the touring bike position is much more like a mountain bike; it is a bit of a stretch to the handlebars and forces quite a low, leaning, body posture, it is a far cry from my sittie-uppie hybrid. But I think this is so that the weight is more evenly distributed over the bike – rather than all being centred on ones rump.



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