Flipping Burma! How are we going to get round it?

27 03 2010

Right. SO….. The whole point of the project is to go overland? Right, this is correct. To visit as broad a cultural / religious range of Voices as we possibly can? yes.  Thus we have planned, thus we are committed. All good, except that Burma is slap bang stubbornly in the way. We can’t go through it (no land boarder will let us), we can’t go round it (we can SOOO close to a freight ship trip from India to Singapore but it doesn’t run any more! grrrrrr) …we can’t go under it!!!! .. The only options left are these…

Three options

a)      Fly from India to Laos and keep cycling. Cons – we don’t stay on the land. Pros – we get to visit all of the geographic areas we had planned and keep to schedule.

b)     Miss out Pakistan and India and cycle straight across China to Laos. Pros – we get to Laos quicker (?) and stay on land. Cons – One of the main aims of the project is to include as many different religions / cultural Voices as possible in our project.  If feels a real shame to miss Hindu / Sikh India.

c)      Try and get into mainland China from Nepal (through Tibet). Enter Laos from China. Pros – we stay on land. Cons – we don’t get to spend as much time as we wanted in India – in my head India is colourful and spicy, and China is barren and stodgy.

Key questions

1)      Is flying over Burma (because we can’t go through it) morally / ideologically incompatible with our trip? (setting an example of ethical decisions making)

2)      Is it possible to cycle through Nepal into China – Laos? How much will this compromise our India section?

3)      Is it too much of a sacrifice to miss off the Voices of Hindu / Sikh India?

Thoughts? What the flipping heck should we do???????????? rattle brain rattle!



3 responses

27 03 2010
nick rawling

Burma is run by a bunch of evil self serving bastards that make the chinese, Pakistanni elites look like Danish in comparison. The ethics have always been dodgy about going through Burma..so fly over it and drop leaflets out of the plane on the Burmese. That my cookies!!

28 03 2010

🙂 It’s certainly been a consideration! …. when we were planning on going through we were going to camp as much as we could, spend as little as possible in state run places etc etc … but maybe it is more ethical to miss it out… complicated. :-Z

Romania – we could do – it’s a bit high but not impossible.. THANKS! i’ll throw it into the planning mix – you got any contacts there?

27 03 2010
nick rawling

Are u going through Romania?? Highest HiV rate in youngsters in Europe

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