Training – Pump, Pump it UP!

5 04 2010

….come on baby PUMP it up! … And then sit down for a nice coffee and sponge finger. hmmmm

It’s the first weekend of the Easter holidays and we have some serious training to do! We have some buds in Brighton so let’s crack on down to them, stay one night, then pack in the miles for the next 3 days! HOO-RAH!

Weekend #1

Good Friday 2010

The Forecast –  Sun, Rain, Sun.

The Plan – Ride, Rest, Ride

The Reality – Stay in bed, get really soaked, get on a train!

Lessons learnt – don’t expect Catherine to get out of bed early on the first day of the holidays AND don’t (liz) forge ahead in hammering rain – it will pass and sodden cycling in wind chill = 😦

Miles achieved – Dorking – Gatwick airport 21.7 km or 13.5 miles (approx 2hrs)

Easter Saturday 2010

The Forecast – Sun, Rain (heavy)

The Plan – Early cycle, stay at buds for the pm and another night (it’s nice and warm with them… hmmmm)

The Reality – Early start, hilly cycle from Brighton out to Hurstpierpoint and back, lunch with buds in Brighton, stroll along the front… not a jot or whiff of rain all afternoon! (sigh)

Lessons learnt – It’s really super hanging out with buds, so don’t fret it. Don’t believe the weather forecast (?!)

Miles achieved – 19 miles or 30km (approx 2hrs)

Easter Sunday 2010

The Forecast – Sleet (?!), Sun

The Plan – Ignore the forecast and cycle like the clappers towards London (we have to be back home at 2.30pm to make Easter meal with Liz’s folks)

The Reality – clappers engaged, Wind and Sun.

Miles achieved – Brighton – Redhill 35.9 miles or 57.7 km (approx 4 ½ hrs)

Easter Monday 2010

The Forecast – Who cares!

The Plan – Cycle from Tooting to Richmond Park, round the park, then back to Toot-toot

The Reality – As above + significant guffawing at some of the lycra outfits on display…. We are bit lumpier than your average Richmond Park super speedy lycra slick cyclists. Liz suspects they drive their bikes, on their cars, to the park before testosteroning their way round it.

Miles achieved – A lumpy Richmond park loop: 22.5 miles or 36.3 km (approx 2 hours)

Lessons learnt – You can go faster with the wind behind you and when it is flat. Rocket science.

Is it time for a cupper yet?



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