More Training – Ponies, Tanks, and Mysical Sandwiches!

18 04 2010

Camping in the New Forest

There is plenty of scope along this whole tour to follow smaller, bicycle friendly roads. Along the whole route we had numerous close encounters of the wildlife kind, as well as a tank spotting opportunity, an 8 mile seafront meander, and a mystical lunch!

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Day 1: Mark – Hazlebury Byran

68.6km / 42.6 miles

Time – Approx 7 hrs with a 1 hr break.

Terrain – mostly flat with some rolling elements. Lots of odd irrigation channels that flank long sections of road. Today we went through mystical Glastonbury where we stopped to buy a mystical OS map and some mystical sandwiches.

Warning!  – it looks like there is a clear short cut through Sherborn Castle but we were barred from travelling this route by a very rude toff. This is one place we’ll never be visiting!

Accommodation – A lack of campsite opportunities meant we opted for a little organic BnB (Orchard Farmhouse)… dinner at the local pub was …. functional.

Day 2: Hazlebury Bryan – Burnbake campsite

46.5km / 28.9 miles

Time – Approx 4 hrs 30 mins with a 45 min break

Terrain – mostly flat with some rolling elements. This bit took us past Bovington Camp, the home of the Royal Armoured Regiment, basically a big tank training ground …. Which was … loud.  There is even a little viewing platform at one point from which you could tank spot!? (spot the tank advancing up Liz’s rear!)

Spot the tank advancing up liz's rear!

A short day meant we could squeeze in a 3.5 hr walk to the coast for dinner!

Accommodation – A well recommended campsite that turned out to be rowdy and unclean. Disappointing in the extreme!

Day 3: Burnbake campsite – Ocknell campsite

56.5km / 35.1 miles

Time – Approx 7 hrs with a 2 hrs break

Terrain – mostly flat with some rolling elements (and lots of ponies). This section took us along the 8 mile Pool-Bournemouth seafront (with its artificial reef and artificial just about everything else) and into the New Forest.

Accommodation – Ocknell campsite right in the New Forest – beautiful!

Day 4: Ocknell campsite – Winchester train station

24.3miles / 39km

Time – Approx 3 hrs 45mins with a 30 min break

Terrain – more rolling elements

Happy happy on the seafront!



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