Bexhill-on-sea: Fush n’ chups and a quick Triathlon

23 05 2010

Friday evening was summer incarnate; in fact, it probably was The Summer, so, in fear of missing it we embarked on as many summery things as possible; the drinking of pims, the visiting of friends, the sitting in the garden… you get the picture.  It was during a bout of idle summery chat that the topic of the pending weekend was raised; Liz reeled off our tombola of to-do’s and somewhere near the bottom, sandwiched between ‘buy bike bag’ and ‘make Countries of the World word search’ was, throw in a quick triathlon.  To most people (me even) this would seem like a central feat, a tenant of the weekend but to liz it’s just another thing on the list.

Bexhill-on-sea. 6.50 Sunday morning (as I was just contemplating cracking open my beady eyes in a bid to get to the start line in time to throw out a few supportive woops etc) Liz was down on the beach eagerly jimmying herself into a wetsuit. An hour and a half, a 750m swim in strong sea currents, a 20K cycle, and a 5K run, a quick change and a shower later and she was indeed pouring over the laptop trying to create a Countries of the World word search.

With the trip only 2 months away we really need to start thinking about fundraising, but we are mightily British and don’t really like the idea of talking about, let alone asking people for money… which is a bit of a problem since we are planning to raise money for our two key trip charities (The Food Chain and The Camillian Trust). Our Grand Plan is the Furzedown festival. We live in a small area of Tooting called Furzedown and each year the community have a little festival. A home-made spongy and buntingy affair, we have gamely booked a stall and are bowling ahead with grand plans involving a gazebo, crayons, colour-in-maps of the worlds, word searches, condoms, and sweets. Hurrah!

Ps – my training this weekend is indicated in the title …



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