Oh no! Liz gets a new bike!

6 06 2010

Liz is now the proud owner of a Condor Heritage touring steed.


I’ve only been cycling for about 3 years and the vast majority of my cycling experience has consisted of staring at Liz’s bum rolling merrily off into the distance. The Red Stallion revolutionised everything, I had my first taste of passing Liz on a hill and taking the lead, on a few occasions I’ve even had to wait for her to catch up!

Am I fitter than Liz? No. Am I more driven with gung-ho spirit? No. It was all because of the Red Stallion under me and the lesser mountain bike under her.

Now, however, things are set to change. The Condor Heritage sits confident, calm, and understated; a newcomer in the bike room. I can sense my little red stallion eyeing her up nervously, completion is in town!



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