Fort UK … clink clink…

27 07 2010

Picture it, we’ve been planning this adventure for months, there’s been packing and repacking, sorting, organising, planning and more planning.  Within an hour of setting of on our intrepid adventure we hit rock bottom – loosing a vital piece of kit.  Resulting in tears, huffs, accusatory glances and us texting Catherine’s mum for help within the first 4 hours – THE SHAME!  And it was definitely my fault.

Our full fuel bottle was confiscated by security at the Eurostar – now this isn’t any old fuel bottle, it’s a specific MSR bottle that is part of our whisperlite stove system and you need to pressurise the bottle to light the stove.  Therefore without the bottle the stove is useless.  And the reason it was actually my fault – Catherine specifically and very clearly asked me to ask BEFORE we went through security if we could take fuel on board – which I didn’t do (though I told her I had – I assumed since knives where ok camping fuel would be to – assumptions ay..) … and then worse I owned up and told them I had it –meaning they took it off me straight away ‘because the train costs £50 million you know’.  I know they were just doing their jobs – but the STUPIDITY on my part.

Once in Paris we went on a futile wild goose chase to look for a replacement bottle – but to no avail, Either the French don’t own a decent camping shop (as Catherine suspects) or we are just too pants at French to ask – ‘Croque – Mosieur, s’il vous plait?’

(Catherine takes over here….)

However our typically British lack of French didn’t stop Frances attempts to communicate with us! I can only conclude that Liz is a chat magnet. I suspect ‘chats’ are like cats – the more you look aloft the more they are keen to drift on over and purr up your leg. My attempts to look ‘open’ are more akin to the small child chasing the poor passing cat for just one little hug…. quickly shifting glances and swerving increased pace greeted my wide eyed, cheesy grinning visual tentacles.

First it was the helpful cyclist who waved us across to an internet cafe we couldn’t find, the second was an Algerian security guard who wanted to practice his English (at length) and the third (while I was off chasing youth up and down the Champs Elysees  – check out the Voices section to hear what I netted) a Taiwanese lady who proceeded to pin Liz in a series of acrobatic positions all round the bikes trying to capture the perfect Liz shot! – She even donated 10 Euro’s to the charity – Bonus! Go Liz the chat magnet!



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27 07 2010

I knew it – it’s really a shopping trip!

How long u in Paris for? – My bro (who lives there) may be able to help.

You’ll probably need a pan-asia list of suppliers if you’re going to have to get a new bottle every time you take a train / go through a tunnel / run out . . .

Bonnes vacances!


27 07 2010

It was whistle stop! the pan-asia supplier is my mum! – Go mum!

27 07 2010
Liz Fraser

If you are still in Paris and need any help then let us know. Le vieux campeur in the 5th is a good shop for equipment… give me a shout if you need anything!

28 07 2010

Ta but we are now in Istambul ..waiting for the bottle! know any good camping shops here? 🙂

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