A wheely serious dilemma

28 07 2010

UK to Thailand in 9 months – deciding to hack off the first section by train took some umming and arring. Was it cheating? If we don’t pedal every inch are we frauds etc .. well. No. Quite frankly. We have committed to travel as much overland as possible for ecological reasons (certainly not economic ones!!!!). I guess this also raises the question of success and to us I think success is HIV/AIDS advocacy through the most unassuming and accessible means possible. To that end we are doing well; young people on the Champs Elysees talked about the pressures on young people to have unprotected sex in order to feel grown up; a young man in Istanbul’s grand bazaar called us over to ask about our t-shirts and, when we had explained our project, declared it a holy journey; our Turkish friend spoke of how HIV/AIDS in Turkish culture isn’t taken seriously (a point lamented by the chap in the bazaar). Indeed our research substantiates the belief that the impact of HIV / AIDS in Turkey is still small – however it is interesting to note that the largest rising infection group is heterosexual and young [Note – the validity of these stats is hazy]. And we hope to raise money for the two charities – The Food Chain and the Camillian Social Centre – both of which do really vital work to support those living with HIV/AIDS – huge thanks to all those who have donated so far!



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