Once upon a time…. waiting …

14 09 2010

Once upon a time, in a land far far away there waited two Princesses. The Princesses had only a shoe string and a thread bear to keep them company as they waited for the never never.  Daily they jumped from their lumpy vegetable filled mattress believing that today the magical wizard would deliver them from captivity. Daily the wizard would smile benignly, consult the mystical telex machine and shake his weary head. And thus the glass hearts of the two Princesses would crack and spill upon the floor. The tiny pieces would prick their fingers and draw their blood as they fumbled to gather all the pieces back together.  And once again they waited. They waited in motion and in rest.  They waited until they could wait no more.

Stats –

16 days waiting for Iranian visa

Three school workshops delivered

One church congregation addressed

150 laps of the boulevard

25 metro trips to the Iranian embassy

 Two articles in the local press

Approx 280 people spoken with about HIV/AIDS

£200 raised for the two charities

25 cheese sandwiches eaten

Two bouts of vomit

Three sessions of diarrhoea

One chest infection

Today is D-day. We have narrowed our options to 50/50. A) continue waiting for maybe another 10-15 days for Iranian visa B) Fly to India and make up the miles there. We have phoned a friend.  Today the magical wizard either comes through with the visa or the calling of the day will ring from the minarets of our weary hearts.



One response

14 09 2010
ben gill

great going – very jealous of you and relieved not to be you in equal measures. looks amazing if exhausting….

good luck with Iran – if it happens


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