16 09 2010

‘Fate’ heralded Lucy (Cath’s sister) ‘whatever happens now, I feel happier that the Universe had something to do with it’. And indeed there is a discernable ball-rolling feel rocking about – finally.

It was with hollow hearts that we approached the Iranian embassy yesterday morning, and with cautious elation that we received the news from the ‘Wizard’ that the magical telex machine had finally spewed up the permission from Tehran (we are still unclear how a telex machine actually works… we have visions of messages swirling around the telex ether erratically making their way from one machine to the next… or maybe it has something to do with Pigeons?).  Bless the little ‘Wizard’ who seemed so genuinely excited to have received it (we suspect it may not happen often..) that he sprung into visa action and told us to come back the next day at 9am to pick them up. Which we duly did, and visas we now duly have.  Along with some heart warming well wishes from the Iranian consular crew. It was a beautiful moment.

Mee Nooi cradles her visa



2 responses

17 09 2010
Jane Vincent

Hi ..
so glad to hear that you finally have the proverbial red slippers and although you may not make Kansas, are now able to set off on the next leg of your trip to the Promised Land.
I work at the same school as Lucy and so have been following your exploits and adventures…. great videos by the way… with or/ore/awe 😀 that is the one….
All the best to you both and may all the positive forces be with you..

20 09 2010


We are all now in Iran! 🙂 untold amounts of stories to tell 🙂

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