R & R in Saigon and all our broken bits

27 02 2011

Vietnam-Cambodia border... high-tech...

We are back in Vietnam! We have cycled from Hanoi to Saigon via Laos and Cambodia.Woo.

Saigon will be our last cycle-in-to-able city as from here we turn right and head for the Cambodian coast and out to Thailand. Saigon is an exhilarating place to cycle – the wide streets are thick with whirling whizzing mopeds; always on the move, always on the move. We are finding it, however, a dull place to visit. Its key tourist streets sell the widest range of mediocre food, its market vendors are aggressive and needy, and its museums are full of blatant propaganda that sadly serves only to undermine their impact. ‘Where you from?’ one market seller calls out to a passing khaki short clad middle aged American ‘Pizza hut’ he replied sarcastically.  This is the relationship. One sees only dollars the other only greed. Neither sees the other.

A list – Liz’s broken bits

Gloves – Her first pair wore through in India. She is now on her second pair; bought in Mumbai.

Chain – Her first one broke off in India. She is now on her second one; bought in Mumbai.

Front pannier rack – Her first one snapped in two places; bought in Kathmandu.

Cycling shorts/trousers – we just keep sewing!

Rear wheel rim – Her first one cracked around 4 spokes; new one sent out and fitted in Saigon.

Rear tyre – Her first one wore down; new one sent out and fitted in Kathmandu.

Sunglasses – flip-ups brought after her prescriptions were stolen in Iran. They snapped; sticky tape now doing the job.

Bungee. We have others – phew.

Will we get her there in one piece?……

B List – Cath’s broken bits

One almost broken tyre





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