Inconceivably … WE MADE IT!

19 03 2011

Cycling these last few days along the scrummy south coast of Thailand we have been able to enjoy near deserted beaches, an abundance of succulent fresh prawns, and spicy son tam to our hearts content!  The route ran us a roller coaster road from the far south east border crossing of Hat Lek, all the way round to our final destination of Ban Chang. This final 300km section of out 10,000km route saw us secretly cycling into Ban Chang at 5pm yesterday evening. Our ‘official’ arrival is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon where we will be joined by hundreds of other cyclists to ride a 60km section from Pattaya to the Camillian Center here in Ban Chang; though as we cycled past the Camillian center yesterday afternoon a small, hardy group of delightfully enthusiastic well wishers spotted us and rushed out to shake our sweaty hands:-)

We have been asked on a number of occasions how it feels to have finished… It is hard to concede that we have actually done so. And until tomorrow’s final 60km is clocked up it is clear we haven’t 😉



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19 03 2011

Congratulations to both of you on a genuine once-in-a-lifetime achievement!

19 03 2011
Jamie willo

Hey dudes, can’t believe you’ve done it… Nearly. You are fabulous and wonderful… And we’ve still yet to sponsor you… But of course we will… Now we know you’ve got it in you… Obviously a hilarious joke… The last bit rather than the sponsor bit. Anyhoo… So now a little long deserved rest… Or on to your next project? Be prepared for the massive anti climax when you get home… Richard was moping about for months and months after his big journey. Anyway we are here and very excited to welcome you home… And in one piece too… Well done and congratulations. Our hats are off to you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

20 03 2011
Gill Stormont

OMG – what an incredible, amazing wonderful (add any superlatives you can think of …and they still will be inadequate!) achievement! Well done a million times. I have loved following your adventures and am so impressed that, although I have already sponsored you , I’m gonna do it again. C’mon everyone – let’s put some more dosh to a great cause on behalf of 2 outstanding, courageous (and totally mad) women. Enjoy your success Liz and Catherine and come back safe soon. Hope to see you at the Trust sometime. xxx

21 03 2011

Gill – you are a star thanks a heap for the donation (again)… we cycled the last leg with over 200 cyclists yesterday who managed to pull in over £700 from random passers-by… which was really super. blogs to come!

See you at the Trust!

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