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18 responses

5 06 2010


Good luck, me dears. I have posted you on my facebook thingy so hopefully some like minded buddies will sponsor you. Can’t wait to start following your website when you go. Very excited. Keep up the planning.
Love steph xx

6 06 2010

Thanks steph! The ‘to-do’ list seems endless. Liz finishes work soon so will be able to make some headway. X

7 07 2010

Hey Girls!

Keep safe through out the trip. Drink lots and lots of fluids and rest when you need to. Thank you again for what you are doing. Not just for our kids at the Camillian Social Centre Rayong but also on a global level.

See you on the other side


11 07 2010

Dear Girls

My name is Paul & I am a colleague of Faisal volunteering at the Camillian Social Center Rayong.

First let me say I think your effort in the astronomic journey is outstanding.

At the CSC Rayong there is a new website totally centering around the English language. At it does connect to the original one you already have for the other languages that are listed.

On the site there is one space left on the top link bar which with your approval I would like to make a page documenting your epic journey.

Do please let me know what you think.

Best Regards Paul

22 08 2010

Hey there!
Just thought i’d say hello. If that hotdog is as huge as it looks and not just the photo angle…………a lot of pedal power will be needed in burning the likes of off!!! he he. Glad all going well. Be careful and safe cycling. Be checking in soon. Jimmy. xx

26 08 2010

We have now taken to scoffing king sized snickers bars and hands of bananas a day just to keep awake on the saddle!

26 09 2010
Sarah Golding

Just a note to say I’m enjoying reading your blogs and keeping up to date with your travels. Totally inspired by your strength and determination.
And thanks Catherine for the well wishes for our inspection that starts tomorrow.
Big smiles and hugs

8 11 2010
Fred Bouwman


It’s always nice to connect with others on a bike tour. I am currently in Turkey heading down to Syria and Jordan and will then fly out to either India or Bangkok to tour around for a few months. Ultimately, I am heading to the Philippines to work in an orphanage for 6 months and will likely go there from SE Asia once it gets hot. I’ll continue cycling after that but not sure where.

I will send a friend request on Facebook but just wanted to introduce myself and to encourage you on your wonderful mission.

Fred Bouwman

8 11 2010

Thanks Fred!

that sounds like a super trip .. i’d love to cycle in Syria!

we haven’t got to cycling in Thailand yet but India rocks!

thanks again


13 11 2010
Rohan Fernandez

I was indeed very happy that you both have put aside everything to tackle this great scourge. I saw the two of you this morning and noted the website on the back of your tee’s. I was really touched by this feat of yours….. my best wishes to you for a safe trip in India and beyond…. May the almighty help you in your endeavours.

1 12 2010
Phaedra petsilas

World AIDS day today

Just saying hello and keep it up! you guys are amazing!



1 12 2010
gilbert & dominique

Hi ! we were with you on the boat from Mandwa to gate of India, and in Bentley’s hotel, now we are back in France, good luck for your trip !!! Gilbert & Dominique from Nice, France

5 01 2011
Julia Burness

Hey Elizabeth! this is incredible! amazing! Keep going, keep smiling and keep us all posted.
X Julia

15 02 2011

Hey guys! Inspiring journey. Thanks so much for not only doing what you’re doing, but also for writing all about it. A friend and I are planning a charity ride from Montreal to Haiti and your posts are hugely helpful.


16 02 2011

splendid – good luck with your ride… glad you’ve enjoyed reading!

30 03 2011
Meilin TAI

Amazing , amazing, amazing, You have done it, Catherine ! 6 th Floor isnt the same without you. I know you will be missing the vagaries of the great UK weather but try to enjoy the fame and legacy of your incredible journey , nevertheless . How wonderful, look forward to your signing the autograph when you return…

7 09 2011

Its so cool what your doing!…well, I guess your gone now…
very inspiring.

8 09 2011

Thanks it was pretty cool for sure – seems like a dream now though!

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