Cross-Training – Adventure style!

26 04 2010

Cross-training, we are reliably informed, is a jolly good way to prep for a long distance cycle ride. So Liz dutifully signed us up for an adventure race. A weekend which would, apparently, consist of ‘walking through the forest, a bit of kayaking and some activities’.  10 and a half hours of sheer physical graft and slog later we realised that we might have underestimated the challenge. Had we opened our eyes on arrival and noted the amount of Skins clad, gel laden, athletic types, rather than heading straight for the bacon butties, we might have reconsidered our entry! As it was we, somewhat naively just went for it!

Sat = Trail running – 2.30 hours, Paddles and Saddles – 3 hours, a night Trail run – 1.10 hours.

MT biking we can do. Kayaking we can do. Trail running Liz can do. Catherine CANNOT DO.

Sunday = 4 hours of all of the above. We decided to put the smallest emphasis possible on the trail running thus we had to take on some of the bigger point scoring MTB and kayaking challenges. Which meant nearly vomiting with effort crunching our way up hills, and having to eat A LOT of golden syrup cake!

At the end of the weekend we had racked up 10.30 hours of effort and came a significantly-more-reasonably-than-expected 4th in the Ladies Novices.