The making of raffle history!

20 06 2010

Two slightly socially inept women and a book of raffle tickets to sell.  We’d be lucky to flog one! The solution? YOUTH!  If there is one thing that ‘youth’ do better than me is shake tins and sell raffle tickets.  Think you don’t want one? Think the key cabinet or the solar fairy lights don’t warrant a £1 ticket? Well apparently you will when asked by three 17 year olds. Maybe it’s fear.  We all know that behind those cheery smiles lies irrational gun toting evilness  (right…. ?!)

Apparently the UK has more Mosquitoes that any other European country, so it’s a wonder that I managed to rustle up three at all. But once rustled they worked the circuit like raffle whirling dervishes. Wonderfully they managed to raise over £100 for our two trip charities!

The Furzedown festival  felt a lot like the church fetes of my youth. Who says local community in London is dead? Not in Tooting and not in Furzedown. It was an interesting day with a number of key saving graces; all of which attest to the jolly goodness of folk. The day started too early with me struggling to erect a rather unwieldy gazebo. Wind, size and me-doing-it-on-my-own-lyness resulted in a catastrophe of canvas, guy ropes and fuming expletives. Luckily for me two local gazebo heroes (in the guise of burly Ron and cheery Dave) rushed to my aid and the day was saved before it had even started (or stalled).  The second was the aforementioned youth – hurrah youth!  The third was a moment of bravery about two weeks ago that resulted in our winning prize in the raffle. Local to us is a truly scrummy award winning restaurant –  Rick’s Cafe.  Sweaty palmed (of course he’ll never agree..), I approached the door (we don’t mean to be a bother..) and shoved Liz in (she looks less nervous than me…). Three heart reaching minutes later (ever one for the dramatic) Ms cool as a cucumber returned having secured a top prize of a free meal at Rickss Cafe! Bonus! We are in raffle business… and the rest is raffle history!

Ps – If you’re ever in Tooting and want a delightful evening, Rick’s really is tip toppedy tops (and that’s not just because he is generous – he is also really smashing with food!) Rick’s Café 122 Mitcham Road, Tooting London SW17 9NH. (020) 8767 5219