Jimmy – Our emergency fairy

27 07 2010

The highlight of the final week before we left was the arrival of our emergency fairy, who is none other than 80s pop idol Jimmy Sommerville.  Our emergency fairy is going to help us out if we get in trouble… he has offered to cover emergency costs… say if our bikes got nicked or some other mishap occurred, then we have a hotline to Jimmy who will wire us some money to save the day… like a knight in shining armour!!

I know I know – 3 weeks ago I didn’t even know who Jimmy Sommerville was! Although I did recognise his beats when an exasperated Catherine made me listen to them.. my knowledge and appreciation of popular culture is .. well indescribably poor – what can I say, too involved being a science and maths spod in my youth!  But it turns out that Jimmy is a patron of the Food Chain (one of our charities) and heard about our project… and being such a nice guy he wanted to help out.  So with emergencies covered we can set off with our minds at rest. Ta Jimmy!