The first doorstep challenge

26 04 2011

Seasons; there is nothing quite as luscious, voluptuous or scrumptious as cycling in the Great British springtime. It is a veritable visceral meal that screams to be described in the most verbose terms possible!

Having been back in the UK for all of 5 days we have finally managed to make it out of London and into the Essex countryside. The thin morning sun lay a delicate touch upon us as we pushed out into the crisp morning air. Our route ran a cobweb of threading lanes through slabby great fields of yellow and green. A musty hue of rapeseed pollen dizzied in the air; an air-scape which was already busybusy with determined insectery skipping their heady dance all around us and the morning babble of gossiping birds.

As we travelled past little mushrooming thatched cottages, grand Elizabethan piles and little 19th century bungalows we were reminded of this place England, with its stayed historic certainty and reassuring time-honoured crookedness. In this 4 hour cycle, in this rambling little adventure through hamlets as pleasingly named as Woodham Walter, Curling Tye Green and Bumfords Lane, for which we came armed only with an OS map, some m&m’s, a few sandwiches and a bottle of water, we were duly and robustly reminded of the sheer beauty of the British countryside. In this reminding the dull malaise, which has been wearing us heavy for the past few weeks, eases. As we flopped down on a neat trimmed village green, we exhaled and were glad to be home.