Lakes and Legs

9 05 2010

Bank holiday horror! – After a long day at work I duly squeezed, pushed, and sweated my way across London to endure 4 hours cattle-trucked in a vomit inducing Pendolino tilting train. I churned my way to the Lake District to meet Liz, her reassurances of ‘it’ll be easy’, ‘it’s not that far really’ clanged in my ears as I sat with my head between my knees holding back wave upon wave of nausea. My mood was little improved by the forecast that gloomily predicted rain, rain, and a slosh more rain all weekend. Thus I spluttered forth from the carriage, pale, shaky, exhausted and fostering a mighty grump, at 10.30pm in the apparent middle of grumpy nowhere to be met by a chirpy Liz, plus random tick that was nestling in her leg (!?!). This did not bode well.

However, a hot bath, a couple of Guinness’s, a good night’s sleep, and the emergence of a new day, royally whipped me out of my huff.   And to top it off the weather bordered perfection – sunny and windy! Delicious!

Based in the picturesque town of Ambleside we had access to reams of sexy walks that were both breathtakingly scrumptious and afforded us a storming workout.  Ambleside plays host to a stack of outdoors shops – sh-sh-sh Shopping time! (Heaven for me, hell for Liz – horrah for me!). In the local bike shop we came across another long distance cyclist tale – Rob Lilwall’s Cycling Home from Siberia. A super read that has made me glad I’m not cycling this trip alone!

A sublime 3 days of solid leg work followed – our biggest day taking us from Ambleside up and over Helvellyn.

I am, however, slightly concerned that our (though I suspect it’s more for me than Liz) ‘training’ regime is not actually that effective. For the past few weekends we have thrown ourselves into some super fun, and physically challenging cross-training activities BUT this has somewhat become an excuse for me to not really do very much (read as ANY) exercise in the week. Big weekend blowouts are not the best way to train. The prevailing ethos seems to veer more towards small and often. The problem is that I don’t actually like exercise. If I’m getting somewhere, ok, if it’s for a purpose, ok; but the idea of running round a park, after a hard days work, is utterly repellent to me *Sigh*, I might just have to resign myself to getting fit on the job.  The concern is that Liz just loves exercise and gorges herself on it at every given opportunity. I’m increasingly concerned that it will be a real struggle for me to keep up on the trip. ……..:-Z