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We travelled overland from England to Thailand. Listening, cycling, listening, cycling…..

‘…we glibly say the world is a small place. That is nonsense: the world is enormous… It’s diversity and variety is staggering.‘ Alastair Humphreys.

One of the key aims of this project was to highlight our unity through diversity, and on our journey we visited religously and culturally diverse places.

Setting off in July 2010, we pedalled our way through Europe, Turkey, Georgia,  Azerbijan and Iran where we hit a block in the form of Pakistan.  Sadly we were unable to get a visa for Pakistan (floods in summer 2010, combined with pointless beauraucracy), so we headed on south to the UAE.  From there we were hoping to get a boat – Micheal Palin style across the Indian ocean to Mumbai.  Again politics got in the way; dhow travel to India is illegal following the Mumbai shootings in 2006.  So with heavy hearts, we had to fly to southern India.  We pedalled north through India and across Nepal, into Tibet and then on into China.  From China we re-routed south once more through Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia to arrive in Thailand in March 2011 to an extremely warm welcome.

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Train across Europe with bikes (London to Istanbul)

Cycling routes in Iran

Cycling Kerala

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