Kit list

Our Kit – Per person

1 jumper (pillow stuffing) – windproof, warm and lightweight

1 mini pillow case (made by Catherine’s mum)

1 silk sleeping bag liner

1 sleeping bag (3 season super lightweight (approx 1.3kg))

1 neo air thermarest + fixing glue & patches

1 pair of trainers

1 pair of keen sandals
2 pairs of trousers (Catherine has 3)

1 pair of shorts (Liz’s trousers double as shorts)

2.5 pairs of pants each

2.5 pairs of socks each (Rohan & Bridgedale)

2 headscarves

1.5 buffs

1 short sleeve t-shirt

1 long sleeve t-shirt (Catherine has 2)

2 long sleeve, long-bum Iran tops

1 swimsuit

1 baseball cap

1 travel towel (to be reduced to half)

1x howies lightweight wind and shower proof (not very) jacket.

1 x woolie hat

1 x long fingered bike gloves

1 x fingerless bike gloves

Camping kit/shared kit

Hilleberg Nello 3-person tent

Whisperlite omni-fuel stove + 650ml fuel bottle + cleaning kit

1 cooking pan

2 sporks

1 small sharp knife

1 folding plate/bowl

2 lightweight mugs

2 tupperware pots

2 plastic bag clips

1 small roll of plastic bags

Approx 200 water purification tablets

3 water bottles

1 10l water bag (MSR)

1 small bottle of washing soap stuff

Emergency food supply – 2 meal rations (pasta + oxo cubes + tea bags + sugar lumps + nuts)

Trowel (Sea to Summit)

2 canoe bags (one with tent in, one for extra space if needed)

Multiple small waterproof stuff sacks

4 bungees

4 straps

2 x head nets (Tiso)

1 double micronet (lifesystems)

1 single ultranet (lifesystesm)

Small roll of gaffer tape

2x head torch

1x wind up torch

Cycle kit

3 inner tubes

Lots of patches (tube and tyre) + nuts, bolts, cable ties, etc

Chain oil + film pot of grease


Chain link remover

Spare brake cable

Spare gear cable

Spare spokes

Pump – Lezyne

Tyre levers


2 rags

Spare brake pads

Allan keys (multiple) + two spanners

Front panniers – ortlieb

Back panniers – Cath ortlieb, Liz – dodgy

Cycle helmets

Dog dazer

Condor bikes

2x bikes locks

Handlebar map case

Electronic kit


Books and miscellaneous

Travel scrabble


2 books (ish)


2 (ish) guidebooks


Notebooks (x2)

Pens (x2)


Mee Nooi (the small bear)

Phrase book

Sunglasses (clip ons for Liz)

Glasses and spare glasses

Two eye masks and a scattering of ear plugs

Toothbrushes and small paste

Small bag of HIV/AIDS badges

Small blow up globe

Small padlock

Aerial (to thwack dogs with)

Small mace spray (given to us in Turkey)

2x money belts

hair cutting scissors + thinners + comb

Medical kit

Pills (aspirin, ibuprofen, paracetamol, Imodium, antibiotics, sumatripitans, )

Sun cream – 30 – 50 UVP

Insect repellent/deet (x 4)

Anti malarial pills (area specific and only 2 months supply)

Athlete’s foot spray

Moon cup (+ various spares)

Baby wipes

Needles (range of sizes)

Melolin wound dressings

Medi swabs


Savlon wound spray

Sewing kit


Anti-bacterial hand gel


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