Liz Darley

I first learned to cycle when I was small, my first ‘proper’ bike was bright pink and called ‘radiant’.  Since then I’ve become an epic commuter cyclist; give me the lorries, buses and motorbikes of the main through roads into London over the packed tube any day.  When it comes to cycle touring I feel woefully unprepared with the odd 4 or 5 day trip through parts of Europe (namely England, Ireland and France); super training for crossing Asia!

We thought it would be really nice to visit Catherine’s sister in Thailand, but how was that ever going to work because I choose not to fly too much because of the environmental impacts.  Cycling one half of the journey, made a visit to see her nieces and nephews seem more palatable.  This was one of those ideas that just stuck; it was unshakeable… and as far as I was concerned brilliant!   And with a little research it turns out that lots of others have ridden similar paths before us on long cycle trips, so all of a sudden it seemed do-able.  This journey also means that I can scratch my itchy travelling feet, and visit places which are difficult to access by train from western Europe in a low carbon way.

Steadily climbing the career ladder, successfully leading a team of sustainability consultants doing excellent work developing solutions for low carbon living, I’m not programmed to give up work for a year and spend the time doing something just for me.  So from the start I wanted to have a clear reason to do the trip with an ambitious target to fundraise to support a cause I believe in.

I regularly volunteer with The Food Chain who provide nutritional services to men, women and children who are chronically sick as a result of HIV related illness.  Their mission is simple, through good nutrition people can get well and stay well, yet it astounds me that many people suffer unnecessarily due to being unable to access the good food they need to get better.

So with that I’ve got some Hyongs to get stuck in to and some pedals to push.

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